We work with individuals and businesses to craft effective brand strategies, build compelling creatives, and stand out brand identities.

Creating Brands that are…

Minimal, memorable & most importantly, unique just like you.

Swadoca Media is an independent agency that thrives on creative & design, brand development, messaging style, depth of story, consumer trend analytics.

Graphic Design forms the foundation of many of our services at SwadocaMedia.

In fact, starting with a strong design foundation is what creates solid work that stands the test of time.

Another key to good design is collaboration we spend time getting to know our client’s needs, business, target markets, and expectations. We then apply our experience and creativity to produce the finished product.

We provide a vast array of Graphic Design services including logo design, stationary, signage, brochures, website design and much more.

Graphic Design means creating work that is usable and consistent across all mediums, whether that’s digital or print, we have the experience and skills to make it come to life.

“Design is intelligence made visible ”
— Alina Wheeler

Fresh and creative graphic design that works

Make an impact with great Logo Design

Your logo design identity should quickly convey the type of company you are and the kind of business you’re in. In order to achieve this, we’ll walk you through the various elements involved. These include appropriate colours, typefaces and graphic design components. As a result, you’ll receive a logo design that’s both memorable and able to be used in any medium such as print, digital, stationary and imagery and video.

Branding + Identity

Give your business the look it deserves with a brand and identity that will captivate your audience, make your competition jealous, and give your business the look it deserves with a design that speaks the story that is your brand.


  • Logo Design – Branding and Logo Design creation to get your business working
  • Stationary – Great looking stationary designs that work in print and electronically
  • Signage – Commercial signage designs that get you found
  • Brochures – Beautifully designed brochures that stand out
  • Business Cards – creative ideas for a lasting first impression

Marketing + Website Design

Compelling marketing is about telling your story through website design, print collateral, social strategy and more, turning your browsers into loyal followers and buyers. All our sites are built using cutting edge software that allows you to easily update and manage your website after we are finished working together.

Digital Marketing is a broad term encompassing all of your marketing activities online. This may include Social Media campaigns, AdWord campaigns, YouTube adverts, your website and Search Engine Marketing. By using data to better understand your target market, we can hone your Digital Marketing strategy to maximise cost-effectiveness. Simply put, you only need to spend money where you’ll get results.

Strategy + Planning

They say that “the devils in the detail” well for us the detail is in the depth of strategy…Book a free strategy consultation where we will do a complete brand review of all your current assets or plan a new brand strategy that looks at all the structures, website goals, design, content, and create an actionable plan for your brand to be it’s very best.


Monthly retainer packages allotting you so many hours each month. You send us the updates and changes that need to be made and we will get them added within 72-hours of receiving them. This let’s you focus on what you do best.


We will kick things off with what may feel like a first date. After all, we need to get to know each other to make sure we are a match! There will be lots of questions, lots of answers and plenty of listening. This will come in the form of a branding questionnaire followed by a consultation call phone or skype or in-person meeting.


At this point, we dive into market research for your brand and gather visual inspiration. Using the answers from your questionnaire, our own research, and expertise, as well as visual inspiration we’ll develop a comprehensive mood board for your brand. This will ensure we are on the same page before any sketching or conceptualising beings.


At this point we bring exploring, brainstorming, sketching and turning any other creative- rocks that need turning in order to chisel out some clean initial concepts for your brand. Then you select the concept you feel best represents the direction you want to take your brand and we can put that concept through two rounds of refinements if necessary.


Once we have completed any necessary refinements to your logo, we will send along with your new brand with all of the essential file types broken down into organized folders. We also share a one-page style guide which includes logo usage, file usage and type recommendations to set you up for success.


Finally, we will implement the new brand we have created into one collateral item of your choice. If you would like to add any additional collateral or a la carte services we are happy to help further the brand.

Graphic Design and Branding that moves business forward

We create bespoke, intelligent and expertly crafted brands that resonate with your audience, this can be complex and our clients rely on us to simplify the process.

Great Web Design starts by understanding your business

We aim to discover exactly what your expectations and goals are so that we can deliver brands and digital experiences that connect with people. We begin every web design project with solid foundations and understanding of our client’s needs. Strong foundations are built with smart market research, analysis and collaboration. This ensures a results-driven product that’s not only stunning to look at but expertly crafted to ensure customer engagement and action. A website design by Swadoca Media is created to work hard for your business.

Your Design Experts on Tweed Coast

Over the years, Swadoca Media have evolved to become a full – service digital marketing agency. We work with businesses to create Digital Marketing Plans that aim to streamline online marketing spend to achieve the optimum returns. This may include Social Media campaigns, AdWord campaigns, YouTube adverts, your Website, and Search Engine Marketing. By using data to better understand your target market, we can hone your Digital Marketing strategy to maximise cost-effectiveness. Simply put, you only need to spend money where you’ll get results.

Not just Websites, we’re your Graphic Design and Printing Specialists

An effective brand is multi-faceted. We offer branding, print, signage and marketing collateral to ensure a cohesive approach to your brand.

Our full range of design services includes the following:

  • Graphic Design
  • Website Design
  • Branding
  • Logo Design
  • Signage Design & Production
  • Printing
  • Photography
  • Content Writing
  • AdWord Campaigns
  • Social Media Advertising

Do you have a growing business that you are passionate about?

You know how important quality design is, yet the design and creative is not your area of expertise.

It’s time to pull back your sleeves and work with a professional design agency who knows exactly how to take your brand’s visual identity from meh to compelling without stress so you can tell the brand story that your audience wants to know.

We work one on one with creatives, small businesses, and entrepreneurs from all over to give them clean and effective brand identities & websites that grab attention and make connections.

Let us take the stress out of crafting the right brand style for your business and website so you can get back to doing what you love while we work on the tech stuff.

Brands we’ve worked with

swadoca media worked with IHG-InterContinental, graphic design, print,marketing
swadoca-media-worked-with-Holiday-inn-graphic-design-print marketing

Ready to create something

amazing that’s oh so brag-worthy for your brand?

say hello … we are ready to help you!

Did you know, print is not Dead!

Give your business the look it deserves with a brand and identity that will captivate your audience, make your competition green with envy. Printed marketing collateral continues to be a valuable medium. We are experts in branding on all forms of printed materials such as brochures, instruction manuals, business cards, letterheads, DL cards, presentation folders, magnets, stickers, calendars, envelopes and more.

Business Cards

Brochures & Flyers


Magazines & Booklets

Stationery & Wedding Stationary

Presentation Folders


Postcards & Score Cards

Notepads & Deskpads


Branding that doesn’t stop at logo design

Creating a distinctive Brand is an essential factor in building a successful business. Your branding shows customers who you are, its design should reveal the type of business you have and of course, it distinguishes you from your competitors. In order to develop a brand, Swadoca Media work with you. We’re looking to create a relatable brand that will resonate with your target audience and help you stand out.

As a design agency, our services cover the strategic and creative elements of brand creation. We work with clients in brainstorming and identifying key aspects of branding such as positioning, target market, values and style. These aspects are at the centre of good design and will incorporate elements of your logo, brand mark, typeface, colour palette and visual identity.

Our Brand identity work includes:

  • The creation of a unique and creative logo
  • Incorporating logo design into company stationary, vehicles and office signage
  • Design and layout for memorable, high-quality commercial packaging
  • Concept work for business premise design


Swadoca Media

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